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Sniper Unit Overview Course


This POST-approved 16-hour / 2-day course was designed for law enforcement personnel responsible for overseeing a sniper element on a SWAT Team.  

After teaching snipers for over 20 years, my observations have shown that many are underequipped, undertrained and undersupervised.  This high-liability position must be a high priority for professionalism, training and decision making.  

Students will spend two days going through current legal standards and best practices for law enforcement precision marksman teams.  Prepare your team for anything and protect your agency from liability.  Topics covered include:

Selecting/retaining/removing personnel

Equipment considerations

Training standards

Decision making standards and considerations

Maximizing operational effectiveness

Qualification standards

Liability pitfalls 

Case law review 

Use of force update


Laptop computer

Thumb drive

Note taking materials

**Dress is casual for this course

Course schedule:

Day 1:  0800-1700

Day 2:  0800-1700

POST Control #1361-23219

Tuition:  $449.00

Course location:  

This course is put on at multiple locations throughout the state.  Check course flyer for specific location.  TBA

Recommended lodging:  See course flyer.

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