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16-Hour Advanced Sniper Course

This POST-approved 16-hour course was designed to help the experienced sniper develop advanced skill sets over a condensed two-day format.  There is no classroom time in this course; it takes place exclusively on the range.  The following topics will be covered:

Review of shooting fundamentals

Data collection / application from 200 to 800 yards

Simulated hostage rescue shooting

Moving target engagements out to 300 yards

Use of force decision making with simulations

Tripod shooting techniques


Lunch and water (no food available at range)

Scoped rifle capable of shooting a 1.5" group at 100 yards

Extra magazines

Factory match-grade ammunition (300 rounds)

Secondary ammunition (if assigned)

Rifle data book 

Scope manual (if possible)

All deployment gear (pack, LBE, armor, etc.)

Eye and ear protection

Cold / inclement weather gear

Cleaning materials

Spotting scope (if you have one)

Hide materials (if you have them)

Tripod (if assigned)

Note taking materials



Course schedule:

Thursday 0800-1700

Friday 0800-1700

Course location:  

Fresno Rifle & Pistol Club

15687 Auberry Road, Clovis CA 93619

Recommended Lodging:

Clovis Cole Best Western

415 Clovis Ave, Clovis CA 93612


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