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Breacher-First Responders

This one-day course will teach first responders basic mechanical breaching techniques using a halligan, ram, sledge, bolt cutters and pry bar.  The course is designed to allow officers to respond more safely and effectively to emergency situations where a physical breach is necessary to affect entry.  Medical emergencies, active killer events, and other exigencies will be covered during the course.  This is a hands-on course, and students are encouraged to bring any currently assigned breaching tools for application in class.  

8 hours (1 day)

Tuition:  $299.00

POST Course #1361-33576 (Plan N/A)

Next Course:           September 15, 2023 (Fresno)

                                   October 6, 2023 (Santa Ana)

                                   November 3, 2023 (Fresno)



This course provides basic building search techniques for first responder personnel.  Vehicle positioning, use of lighting, room clearing techniques (with minimal personnel), communications, and legal foundations will all be covered in detail during this course.  Students will get numerous hands-on repetitions and will leave with confidence in their ability to safely clear a structure and make good tactical decisions.  

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8 hours (1 day)

Tuition:  $299.00

POST course #1361-21018

Next Course:  September 22, 2023      

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