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Building Search for Patrol Course

This POST-certified course was designed to provide peace officers with basic room clearing and building search training.  Students will learn recent case law, strategies and tactics, judgment and decision-making skills, use of artificial and natural lighting, when to disengage or request different resources, and how to handle suspect contacts.  


Comfortable training attire

Issued/normally worn gunbelt with equipment

A quality flashlight and extra batteries

Issued handheld radio

Any equipment commonly carried for building searches

Should weapon if assigned (with light)

Water & snacks

LOCATION:  The course will start at 0800 at the Fresno Police Regional Training Center at 6375 W. Central, Fresno.  The course will start in the classroom and eventually move out to the on-site training structure.      

LODGING:  Recommended lodging is the Clovis Cole Best Western at 415 Clovis Ave, Clovis CA 93612 (phone:  559-299-1547).  This hotel is walking distance from bars and restaurants in downtown Clovis and is centrally located between both training locations. 

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