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SWAT Team Assessment Course


What are the current strengths and weaknesses of your SWAT team?  How should you prioritize your limited time and budget resources?  How are other teams addressing the issues your team is currently dealing with?

This POST-approved 24-hour / 3-day course was designed to help SWAT team leaders and administrators evaluate and self-audit their team.  A review of a team in all pertinent areas should occur with some regularity to help identify training and equipment priorities, assist with future planning, identify areas of strength and weakness, and ensure compliance with state and national best practices.  Students will have an opportunity to assess their team in all critical areas while interacting with their peers to gain ideas for growth and change.  

Whether you are an inexperienced SWAT commander or career tactical officer, this course will offer you an opportunity to review your team in a structured format and plan for its future.  


Topics covered include:

State and national best practices and standards

Case law review for SWAT-related issues

Common liability pitfalls surround the use of specialized tactical teams

Training practices

Team culture

Selection / retention process


SOPs and policies

Breaching programs

Use of chemical agents, diversionary devices and specialty munitions

Use of technology

Risk analysis and mitigation procedures

Team leadership evaluation

Response to planned operations

Response to unplanned operations

Sniper element training & management


Laptop computer

Thumb drive

Note taking materials

**Dress is casual for this course

Course schedule:

Monday 0800-1700

Tuesday 0800-1700

Wednesday 0800-1700

Course location:  

This course is put on at multiple locations throughout the state.  Check course flyer for specific location.

Recommended lodging:  See course flyer.

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