Tactical Mission Planning (24 hours) / POST-approved


This course prepares students for planning and briefing law enforcement-initiated operations such as search warrants, arrest warrants, hostage rescues, buy-bust operations, high-risk arrests, and VIP protections details.  This is a learn-by-doing course that will require a high level of participation by students.  Briefing organization and presentation techniques will be stressed throughout the process.  

Course is recommended for tactical teams, gang units, narcotic units, and detective units.  

POST Plan N/A (non-reimbursed)  POST Course #1361-23043

Tuition:  $498.00

Next Course:  TBA                           Newport Beach, CA

SWAT Team Assessment Course (24 hours) POST-approved


This course allows those responsible for a Special Weapons and Tactics team to assess their team to ensure they are meeting current standards in all key areas.  Students will be able to evaluate their team for strengths and weaknesses based on current laws, case law, and best practices in areas including barricade resolution & hostage rescue capabilities, planned operation planning and execution, command structure, selection/retention criteria, risk mitigation practices, call out criteria, team tactics, training planning and documentation, chemical agents, diversionary devices, K-9 integration, breaching programs, equipment & technology, sniper programs, operational plans, and after-action reports.

POST Plan N/A (non-reimbursed) POST course #1361-23042

Tuition:  $479.00

Next Course:  TBA             Location:  Newport Beach, CA





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