Sniper Courses

We offer Basic Sniper, Advanced Sniper Rural Deployments, Urban Sniper Deployments, and Sniper Instructor Development courses.  A 2-day Advanced Sniper skill builder is available as well as a one-day refresher course covering only extended range movers, use of force decision making, and hostage rescue shooting.  



This course prepares the newly assigned SWAT sniper to deploy as a marksman during tactical operations.  It will take a new sniper from zero to deployment capable in one week.  It covers weapon setup, ballistics, zeroing procedures, data collection to 200 yards, shooting fundamentals, scope function, unconventional position shooting, moving target engagements, intermediate barrier shooting, deployment procedures, hide building and occupation, angle compensation, and use of force decision making.  

48 hours (5 days)

Next Course:      February 28-March 4, 2022          Fresno, CA 

                               October 24-28, 2022                       Fresno, CA

POST Course #1520-23020 (Plan III)

Tuition:  $862.00



This course covers the key elements for planning and running courses of fire for a sniper element.  Topics covered include instructor development, qualification courses of fire, designing courses of fire, range safety protocols, coaching the shooter, and time management.  Students will receive extensive time in learning to instruct shooting drills and coaching shooters for improvement in fundamentals.  

Next Course:  To Be Announced                               Clovis, CA

POST Course #1361-32064 (Plan IV)

Tuition:  $599.00



This course focuses on long distance shooting (out to 800 yards), wind reading, moving target engagements out to 300 yards, simulated hostage rescue shooting, tripod shooting techniques, and use of force decision making.  It serves as a skill-building course and a refresher course that provides 16 hours of POST-approved training for law enforcement snipers.  

16 hours (2 days)

Next course:    March 7-8, 2022    (FULL)                               Clovis, CA

                            May 12-13, 2022                                               Clovis, CA


POST Course #1361-23070 (Plan N/A)

Tuition:  $459.00



This course provides the opportunity for SWAT leaders to assess and evaluate their sniper element to determine its strengths and weaknesses.  Current recommendations, best practices, and administrative standards for training, operations and equipment will be examined systematically to help leaders prioritize the needs of their team.  

16 hours (2 days)

Next Course:  April 7-8, 2022        Carmel, CA

POST Course #1361-23219 (Plan N/A)

Tuition:  $399.00



This course focuses on the skills needed to deploy as a sniper in an urban environment.  Point-blank range shooting (125 yards and in), tripod techniques, improvised shooting positions, deployment procedures, communications, target prioritization, and use of force decision making will be the focus of this course.  

16 hours (2 days)

Next Course:  TBA

POST Course #1361-23403 (Plan N/A)

Tuition:  $491.00