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Vehicle Containment Course (16 hours)














This POST-certified course was designed to train law enforcement to conduct vehicle pins to immobilize a suspect in public places, especially when officers perceive a high probability of a pursuit ensuing during a traditional enforcement stop.  For many years, the only two options were to attempt to apprehend a violent suspect at a structure, or to attempt a vehicle stop and hope they didn't run.  The Vehicle Containment Techniques (VCT) Course provides officers with a hybrid option that takes the safety of law enforcement and the public into consideration.  

Who should attend:  Task force officers, gang units, narcotics detectives, fugitive teams, or anyone tasked with locating and arresting felony suspects.  

All instructors have extensive experience applying this technique in the field.  


Note taking materials

Comfortable clothing suitable for a training environment (plainclothes)

Ballistic shield (if assigned)


Water / snacks

Duty belt (no live fire/ammunition required)

Tac gear (plate carriers, tac vest, helmet if assigned, etc).

LOCATION:  Class may be held at various locations around the state.  See course flyer for session locations.    

Class Hours:  0800-1700 both days

POST CCN 1361-21126 (Plan N/A)

Tuition:  $699 + $100 materials fee

LODGING:  See course schedule listing for recommended lodging.

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