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40-Hour Basic Sniper Course

This POST-approved 40-hour course was designed to take the newly assigned sniper to deployment status by the end of the course.  No prior long rifle experience is needed for this course.  Course topics include:

Weapon nomenclature and cycle of operations

Initial rifle set up for the shooter

Telescopic sight functionality and operation

Scope tracking confirmation

Target identification

Shooting fundamentals

Zeroing procedures

Data collection from 25 to 200 yards

Position & unconventional shooting 

Hostage rescue shooting

Introduction to moving target engagements

Use of force decision making exercises

Exertion shooting

Angle compensation shooting

Intermediate barrier shooting

Deployment considerations

Equipment selection

Tripod shooting techniques

Low-light shooting environments

Sniper/observer communications

Hide building and occupation / shooting from hides

Stalking and camouflage

Weapon cleaning and maintenance


Scoped rifle capable of shooting a 1.5" group at 100 yards

Extra magazines

Factory match-grade ammunition (500 rounds)

Secondary ammunition (if assigned)

Rifle data book 

Scope manual (if possible)

All deployment gear (pack, LBE, armor, etc.)

Eye and ear protection

Cold / inclement weather gear

Cleaning materials

Spotting scope (if you have one)

Hide materials (if you have them)

Night vision (if assigned)

Tripod (if assigned)


Note taking materials



Course schedule:

Monday 0800-1700

Tuesday 0800-1700

Wednesday 1000-2030

Thursday 0800-1700

Friday 0800-1300

Course location:  

Fresno Police Department Regional Training Center

6375 W. Central, Fresno CA

Recommended Lodging:

Clovis Cole Best Western

415 Clovis Ave, Clovis CA 93612


**Request Govt. Rate

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