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Rural Sniper Deployments Course


Prepare for deployments in rural environments

This course is 8 hours and focuses on fieldcraft only with very little shooting. Students will learn to plan a route to a rural target site, properly equip for the mission, and execute a simulated deployment.  Training will focus on fieldcraft, camouflage, observation and communication techniques, and maintaining a solid shooting platform.  Rural environments present unique challenges that will be addressed and overcome during the exercise, which will culminate with a full debrief and the opportunity to make a shot simulating one from the hide position.


Precision rifle

1-day pack or larger

Water and food (lunch will be in the field)


Camouflage/hide materials 

Weather meter (if issued)

Laser rangefinder (if issued)

Spotting scope or binoculars

GPS / compass (if issued)

20 rounds of duty ammunition

 *Basic camouflage materials will be available for use for those who don't have them yet.

Cost:  $349.00

POST certified (Plan N/A)

Hours:  0800-1700

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