About Us:

I have been a law enforcement trainer for over 25 years.  In 2004 I started teaching for a private company as a sniper instructor. I enjoyed teaching but always felt like the it was difficult to implement improvements that would help students evolve and prepare for actual deployments, where lives are at stake.  I believed I could do a better job of training law enforcement officers for the reality of SWAT deployments and decided to build and run my own courses.


I created Advanced Combat Evolutions in 2011 and ran the first Basic Sniper course in 2012.  Our goal was to take a newly assigned sniper with no knowledge and make them deployable by the end of the five-day course. 


We focus on real world applications in our courses and demand a high level of participation and effort from our students.  We focus on operational habits and performing under real world conditions.  The students deliver in every class and we are very proud of the warriors that leave our course at the end of the week.  

Since 2012 I have added Advanced Sniper, Sniper Instructor, Tactical Mission Planning, Sniper Unit Overview, Urban Sniper, and SWAT Team Assessment courses to the curriculum.  I focus on providing necessary training that is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. I only offer a handful of courses that focus on areas in which I feel I can offer expertise.  I only use two other people to help me instruct because I am extremely demanding in regard to instructor standards.  


We are committed to providing an outstanding training experience that enhances the student's abilities to perform in real world operations.  We believe in involving the student as much as possible in the learning process to maximize the impact on job performance and proficiency.  

-Matt Alexander

Matt Alexander

Owner / Lead Instructor:

Matt Alexander is the owner, lead instructor and course developer for Advanced Combat Evolutions.  He started his law enforcement career with a California Central Valley sheriff's office in 1994 and was assigned to a SWAT team in various capacities from 1997 through 2020.  Over a span of 22 years he has served as an entry operator, sniper, entry team leader, sniper team leader, and team commander.  His specialties include chemical agent instructor, rappel master, diversionary device instructor, less lethal instructor, firearms instructor, sniper instructor, carbine instructor, force-on-force instructor, and submachine gun/carbine instructor.  

Matt currently instructs in multiple subject matters, including tactical long rifle, narcotics investigations, SWAT Team leadership and management, tactical mission planning, and SWAT & Sniper Team assessments/audits.  He is an instructor for the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO), where he also serves on the Board of Directors.  He also teaches for the Institute of Criminal Investigations (ICI) and the Fresno City College Police Academy.  


Frank Harper

Frank Harper has been an instructor for Advanced Combat Evolutions since 2012.  He teaches in both the basic and advanced sniper courses and has extensive experience as a law enforcement sniper.  Frank also served as a team leader for a Crisis Negotiations Team for several years and brings that experience to our courses.  He has been in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff and a sergeant for over 25 years.   



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