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40-Hour Advanced Sniper Course

This POST-approved 40-hour course was designed to help the experienced sniper develop advanced skill sets.  There is almost no classroom time in this course; it takes place almost exclusively on the range.  The following topics will be covered:

Review of shooting fundamentals

Data collection from 100 to 800 yards

Position & unconventional shooting (including from tripods)

Hostage rescue shooting

Moving target engagements out to 300 yards

Use of force decision making with simulations

Exertion shooting

Low-light environments

Hide building and occupation / shooting from hides

Stalking and camouflage

Range estimation techniques

Unknown distance shooting course


Scoped rifle capable of shooting a 1.5" group at 100 yards

Extra magazines

Factory match-grade ammunition (600 rounds)

Secondary ammunition (if assigned)

Rifle data book 

Scope manual (if possible)

All deployment gear (pack, LBE, armor, etc.)

Eye and ear protection

Cold / inclement weather gear

Cleaning materials

Spotting scope (if you have one)

Hide materials (if you have them)

Night vision (if assigned)

Tripod (if assigned)


Note taking materials



Course schedule:

Monday 0800-1800

Tuesday 1200-2200

Wednesday 0800-1800

Thursday 0800-1800

Friday 0800-1400

Course location:  

Fresno Police Department Regional Training Center

6375 W. Central, Fresno CA

Recommended Lodging:

Clovis Cole Best Western

415 Clovis Ave, Clovis CA 93612


Request Govt. Rate

Hampton Inn & Suites

327 E. Fir Ave, Fresno CA 93720


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