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Initial CCW Course (16 hours):


This course is currently available only to private clients.  It goes far beyond the normal group classes and is designed to develop true basic proficiency in all areas of concealed carry.  For more information, email me at the link below.


CCW Renewal Course (8 hours):

Civilian Sniper Precision Rifle Course - Private Lessons Only


This course is open to civilians and provides instruction in the following topics:

  • Proper rifle set up and basic zeroing

  • Basic fundamentals of rifle shooting and scope manipulation

  • Basic instruction in internal and external ballistics

  • Obtaining data for the rifle at known distances out to 300 yards (and documenting it properly)

Students will have help making sure their rifle is set up properly specifically for THEM prior to any shooting.  Everyone will have an opportunity to zero their rifle before gathering data at known distances out to 300 yards.  Students will get an overview on external and internal factors that affect shot placement. Data will then be collected and logged at known distances in a controlled setting while good shooting fundamentals are taught and reinforced.  Students will then get to participate in a fun competitive course that will allow them to test and apply the new information. 

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