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Concealed Weapon (CCW) Renewal Course
Emergency Courses Being Offered NOW:

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Renew your CCW!
8 hours

Next Course:  Februay 9 & 10

This course is 8 hours, most of which is spent in a comfortable classroom environment with a range qualification scheduled afterward.  Knock out your renewal requirements and schedule your range portion when it is convenient for you.  This course covers:

*SB2 update

*Firearm functionality review

*Safe storage and transportation laws

*Mental health awareness issues & handling the aftermath of a shooting

*Laws pertaining to where you can carry

*Preparing for a law enforcement response

*Strategy, judgment & decision making

*Weapon safe handling

*Qualification course of fire  



*Note taking materials

*Smartphone, tablet or laptop capable of being used to take the online test

*CCW card number

*36 rounds per qualification attempt (quality factor ammunition please)

*All weapons to be qualified with and magazines

*Eye & ear protection

NOTE:  Course tuition covers up to three (3) guns for qualification.  Additional weapons can be qualified with for an additional fee of $25 per weapon.

Cost:  $150.00

POST certified (Plan N/A)

Hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm (classroom portion)

Range:  to be scheduled the day of class in 30 minute windows the following day at Fresno Rifle & Pistol Club.

Instructor:  Matt Alexander is an active duty law enforcment officer for a central valley sheriff's office with 29 years of experience.  He has worked and supervised a variety of assignments including patrol, property/robbery investigations, boating enforcement, field training officer, and narcotics investigations.  He spent 22 years on a SWAT team in a variety of roles and assignments including entry operator, sniper, diversionary device instructor, rappel master, submachine gun instructor, and sniper instructor. 

He has been a firearms instructor since 2002 and has been instructing law enforcement personnel in both the public and private sector.  

Concealed Weapon (CCW) Initial Course

Obtain your CCW and learn life-saving skills.

Private lessons only at this time.  Email to request more information.


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